Jude Bellingham scoring a crucial overhead kick for England in Euro 2024 against Slovakia.

England Euro 2024 Performance and Bellingham’s Heroics


England’s Euro 2024 performance has been dramatic, showcasing both struggles and heroics. Their recent match against Slovakia highlighted these aspects vividly. Jude Bellingham emerged as a key player, saving the team from a humiliating exit. This blog explores England’s performance, tactical issues, and Bellingham’s crucial role.

Struggles in the Match Against Slovakia

England’s Euro 2024 performance against Slovakia was fraught with difficulties. The first half was disappointing. England’s defense was sloppy, allowing Slovakia multiple chances. Ivan Schranz capitalized on this, scoring in the 25th minute. England failed to respond effectively, ending the half without a shot on target. The team looked disjointed and lacking in creativity.

Bellingham’s Heroic Moment in England Euro 2024

The second half saw slight improvement, but it wasn’t until stoppage time that England showed real intent. In the 95th minute, Kyle Walker’s long throw-in was flicked on by Marc Guehi. Jude Bellingham then executed a stunning overhead kick, scoring England’s first shot on target. This goal brought the match to extra time, where Harry Kane scored the winner shortly after. Bellingham’s goal was a moment of brilliance, showcasing his talent and composure under pressure.

Tactical Analysis and Southgate’s Challenges

Gareth Southgate’s tactics have been under scrutiny throughout the tournament. England’s lack of tempo and creativity has been a recurring issue. The team often struggled to break down defenses, relying heavily on individual moments of brilliance. Southgate’s reluctance to make timely substitutions has also been criticized. In the match against Slovakia, his late introduction of key players like Cole Palmer and Ivan Toney raised questions about his decision-making. While the team managed to scrape through, their overall performance was below expectations.

Comparisons to Iconic England Goals

Bellingham’s overhead kick has been compared to some of the most iconic goals in England’s history. Harry Kane described it as one of the best, highlighting its importance and execution. Similar to Michael Owen’s goal against Argentina in 1998 and David Beckham’s free kick against Colombia the same year, Bellingham’s goal was a defining moment. It not only saved England from elimination but also demonstrated his ability to perform under immense pressure.


Potential Disciplinary Issues

Bellingham’s celebration after his goal has sparked controversy. He made a gesture that some interpreted as lewd. Bellingham later clarified it was an inside joke directed at friends. However, UEFA may still take disciplinary action. This incident adds to Bellingham’s previous on-pitch controversies, including a recent suspension for disrespecting a referee while playing for Real Madrid. The potential punishment could impact both Bellingham and the team’s dynamics moving forward.

UEFA Euro 2024, Knockout stage


England’s Euro 2024 journey has been tumultuous. Their match against Slovakia highlighted significant tactical issues and reliance on individual talent. Jude Bellingham’s heroic goal was a standout moment, underscoring his importance to the team. However, the team must address their overall performance and tactical approach to succeed in the tournament. The potential disciplinary action against Bellingham also adds uncertainty. As England prepares for their quarter-final match against Switzerland, they need to improve significantly to advance further.

Bellingham’s heroics have given England a lifeline, but the team’s success will depend on addressing their weaknesses and performing cohesively.


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