Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe during the Euro 2024 Portugal vs France penalty shootout

Euro 2024 Portugal vs France Penalty Shootout: A Tactical Analysis


The Euro 2024 quarter-final match between Portugal and France ended in a dramatic penalty shootout. The game, held in Hamburg, was a tense battle that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. France emerged victorious, moving on to the semi-finals, while Portugal’s journey came to an end.

First Half Analysis

The first half of the match was underwhelming. Both teams struggled to create significant chances. The combined expected goals total at half-time was a mere 0.15, the lowest of any match at Euro 2024. Portugal and France appeared cautious, focusing more on defense than on creating scoring opportunities. This approach resulted in a lackluster opening 45 minutes.

Second Half and Extra Time

The second half saw a slight improvement. France’s Mike Maignan made crucial saves to deny Bruno Fernandes and Vitinha. Portugal also had opportunities but failed to capitalize. The game remained goalless after 90 minutes, leading to extra time. In extra time, both teams had moments of promise, but the deadlock persisted. Nuno Mendes came closest to scoring, but Maignan was up to the task. The inevitable penalty shootout loomed large.

A penalty shootout was the inevitable conclusion and France scored all five of theirs, while Joao Felix missed for Portugal.

Euro 2024 Portugal vs France Penalty Shootout

The penalty shootout was the decisive moment. France converted all five of their penalties, while Joao Felix’s miss for Portugal was the turning point. Ronaldo scored his penalty, but it was not enough to save Portugal. Theo Hernandez sealed the victory for France, sending Costa the wrong way. The shootout highlighted the fine margins that often decide football matches.

Tactical Analysis of the Match

France’s defensive strategy was key to their success. They managed to neutralize Portugal’s attacking threats effectively. Didier Deschamps opted for a 4-4-2 diamond formation, which provided structure and balance. Antoine Griezmann played a central role, completing 32 of his 34 passes and controlling the tempo.

Portugal, on the other hand, struggled offensively. Their tactic of crossing into the box did not yield results. Despite having skilled players like Bruno Fernandes and Vitinha, they failed to break down France’s defense. Their reliance on Ronaldo, who had a quiet game, was evident and ultimately detrimental.

Ronaldo’s Performance and Coaching Decisions

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance was a topic of much debate. The 39-year-old forward had yet to score in the tournament and struggled to make an impact against France. His lack of pace and inability to get on the end of crosses were glaring issues. Coach Roberto Martinez’s decision to keep Ronaldo on the field for the entire match was questionable. Younger, more dynamic players like Diogo Jota and Goncalo Ramos might have offered more threat.

Martinez’s reluctance to bench Ronaldo, despite his declining form, limited Portugal’s attacking potential. His tactical decisions, such as the choice to take Portugal’s penalties second, also came under scrutiny. Studies show that teams taking penalties first have a higher success rate. These factors combined to hinder Portugal’s progress.


The Euro 2024 Portugal vs France penalty shootout was a dramatic end to a tightly contested match. France’s defensive solidity and tactical discipline saw them through to the semi-finals. Portugal, despite their talented squad, were let down by poor tactical choices and an over-reliance on Ronaldo. As France prepares to face Spain, they will need to address their own attacking issues to progress further. For Portugal, this match may mark the end of an era, highlighting the need for a strategic overhaul.

This match underscored the fine margins in football and the critical importance of tactical decisions. France’s resilience and strategic planning were key, while Portugal’s missteps offered valuable lessons for future competitions.


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