Mission 2019-20

As of now, we have four forwards for three positions, Messi, Griezmann, Dembele and Luis. 8 mid-fielders for three position (Coutinho, de Jong, Arthur, Busquets, Ivan, Alena, Rafinha, Vidal and the young talent Riqui Puig). In defence we got only eight players for four position, that means one backup for each area.

Overcrowed midfield!

We can see that FC Barcelona’s midfield has over crowed and few players are not at all needed. According to me, three starters and two substitutes are fixed for Valverde. Busquets, de Jong and Coutinho (if we are not selling him). Two subs, Arthur and Ivan. I went with Busquets, de Jong and Coutinho because they bring the right balance to attack and defence. With Busquets and de Jong defending, Coutinho and join the attack with front three.

Now, the problem, defence. FC Barcelona got abjectly one back up for two centre-defending positions and both the full-backs. If one of them is not performing good or have a bad couple of games, then they hardly got any other options. Rather than going for Neymar, FC Barcelona can go for an extra right-footed defender. If not, I will very much want Busquets to play as a centre defender. With Arthur taking de Jong position and de Jong playing in Busquets’s place.

MSD or MSG or MGD?

Front three – MSD or MSG or MGD?
It’s better to go with MGD, with Griezmann on the left and Dembele on the right and Messi as old Pep’s style, false nine. With these three, they all got pace and the passing quality of Messi and Griezmann. The only issue is Dembele’s finishing quality. He needs to improve his finishing quality along with it passing and his first touch. I was watching the game of FC Barcelona against Chelse, Dembele’s first touch need some fixing.

The other benefits of playing MGD is. These three players can interchange their position more frequently. Especially, Griezmann and Messi they both got a good vision, and they can guide young Dembele how to more and others on filed tactics.

Need to prove a point!

In the end, let’s hope for Messi and the team to turn up the heat for the upcoming season. Few players like Samuel Umtiti, young Jean-Clair Todibo, Philippe Coutinho and Jordi Alba need to prove their potential and worthiness to wear FC Barcelona jersey.

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