Mikel Merino celebrates after scoring the winning goal in the Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 Quarter-final.

Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 Quarter-final


The Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 Quarter-final was a thrilling match. It showcased the skills and determination of both teams. This game had everything: drama, tactical battles, and a last-minute winner.

First Half Action in Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 Quarter-final

The match started with high intensity. Germany’s Toni Kroos made a strong challenge on Spain’s Pedri. This resulted in Pedri being substituted early due to a knee injury. Consequently, the physical play set the tone for the rest of the game. Spain had to adjust quickly without their star midfielder, relying on Dani Olmo to fill the gap.

Spain Takes the Lead

Spain’s first goal came from Dani Olmo in the 51st minute. It was a well-crafted move that split the German defense. Aymeric Laporte’s direct ball found Alvaro Morata, who dropped into space, dragging a defender with him. As a result, Olmo’s precise finish gave Spain the lead. Although Germany tried to contain Spain’s attack, focusing on stopping key players like Rodri, Spain’s versatile play proved challenging to handle.

Germany’s Late Equalizer

Germany showed resilience. In the 89th minute, Florian Wirtz scored the equalizer. This goal came from a sequence started by a throw-in from goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. The towering header by Joshua Kimmich set up Wirtz perfectly. Therefore, this last-minute effort highlighted Germany’s never-give-up attitude and set the stage for an intense extra time.

Extra Time Drama in Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 Quarter-final

The match went into extra time with both teams pushing hard. There were controversial moments, especially regarding the refereeing decisions. Germany felt they should have been awarded a penalty late in extra time. Consequently, the game became more tactical, with both sides making critical substitutions to gain an edge.


Should Germany Have Had a Late Penalty?

In the second half of extra time, Germany appealed for a penalty. Niclas Fullkrug passed the ball to Wirtz, who shot from 25 yards. The ball hit Spain’s Marc Cucurella’s hand. Germany’s players and fans believed it was a clear handball. Thus, they stopped playing, expecting the referee to award a penalty.

However, the referee, Anthony Taylor, waved play on. This decision puzzled many. Replays showed Cucurella’s hand was in a natural position, but it was still a debatable call. Some believed Taylor remembered the criticism faced by his fellow referee, Michael Oliver, for a similar decision in the previous round.

Further replays showed Fullkrug might have been offside earlier in the move. This offside position could have nullified the penalty claim. Despite the controversy, the game continued, and no penalty was given. Ultimately, this moment will be discussed for a long time, as it could have changed the outcome of the match.

Merino’s Winning Goal

In the 119th minute, Mikel Merino scored the winning goal. Dani Olmo sent in a perfect cross. Merino leapt high and headed the ball past Neuer. This goal was a spectacular display of timing and technique. It reminded fans of historic headers like Carles Puyol’s in the 2010 World Cup. Merino’s jump was almost frog-like, showcasing his athletic ability. The celebration that followed was emotional, with Merino’s teammates piling on him in joy.

Aftermath and Reactions

Spain’s victory boosted their confidence. They looked ready to face their next challenge in the semi-finals. The team showed their depth and adaptability, which will be crucial for their future matches. On the other hand, Germany, despite the loss, showed significant progress. Their fans and players could take positives from this tournament, looking forward to the 2026 World Cup. The unity and spirit displayed by the German team were commendable.


The Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 Quarter-final was a classic. It had skill, drama, and controversy. Spain’s late winner and Germany’s strong performance made it a memorable match. The debate over the late penalty added to the excitement. Therefore, this game will be remembered for its intensity and the tactical battles that unfolded on the pitch. Both teams left everything on the field, making it a highlight of the tournament.


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