Yesterday Barcelona signed Arturo Vidal from Bayern Munich. I would say it a good signing since Paulinho left the club to go back to Chinese Superleague. The fee was undisclosed, but many sources are confirming that it can be between 18-22 million euro which is a decent price for a 31 years old player.

I heard many Barcelona followers saying that it is not a good signing and we should go for Thiago or a younger midfielder and why Bayern Munich is selling for, so less price is this because of Vidal’s knee injury? He must be injured now since he missed 4-5 months in total of games last season for Bayern Munich. For me, I think Bayern Munich sold him for less because they knew that they got good 2-3 box to box midfield players and younger too. Secondly,  Vidal had only one season left in his Bayern Munich contract so rather than letting him go for free next season Bayern Munich cashed in by selling him.

He is the definition of a box to box player.


I like the way Vidal plays the game and a few things I want to add which are good signs,

1. He got to experience. He is a highly experienced player who played for two of the biggest club in Europe now Juventus and Bayern Munich and won two Copa Americana back to back in 2015 and 2016.

2. He is different. When I saw him for the first time, I was like how can this guy be so physical and aggressive and still don’t get booked or notice by the referee. He is solid physical players who can defend, join the attack or create one and his long shots are amazing, he is like Paulinho 2.0. He is the definition of a box to box player game. He was the man of the match in Copa Americana in 2015 which was in Argentina and Chile won it for the very first time.

3. He always gives his 100% in the game and even in the social media. The commitment and the leadership he showed in his career so amazing. Whatever the condition and whoever the opponent he always gives 100% in the field with his leadership qualities. After Puyol and Mascherano he will become that physical and aggressive leader on the ground which Barcelona lacked so much.

4. The contract length, the contract he got is three years of the contract which is the best for those players who are in their wrong 30s side of the age, or else they get relaxed and then its very hard for the club to sell them or even to send them on loan. Take the situation of Arda Turan who didn’t play a single game for Barcelona for 2017-18 till winter transfer window when he was sent on two years loaned to Turkish club İstanbul Başakşehir.

5. The learning curve. Youngest like Arthur Melo (21), Sergi Samper (23) and Carles Aleñá (20) or even for Riqui Puig (18) will learn from him a lot, and by the time he leaves the club in good 2 or 3 years or 4 years time, they will reach to the time when they can take the midfield charge from him.

Only a few issues with his signing which I think are, How Valverde is going to use him? He needs to understand and realize that Vidal should not eat game time minutes which is for young players for their development. Second, his injury issues but then Bayern Munich medical is not that well know in the rooting world. Remember when Pep was at Bayern Munich how furious he was when Robin was declared fit by Bayern Munich medical staff and on the very first game again he got the injury, crazy.


Éric Abidal. He changed Barcelona’s way.


Overall is a good deal for Barcelona, its midfield is aging like Rakitić, and Sergio Busquets both of them are 30 now, Iniesta has left the club, and in 1-2 years Barcelona will have a huge task to change it’s historical La – Masia midfield. It’s in a right track though and thanks to the new sporting director Éric Abidal. He changed the way Barcelona use to deal with the transfer in selling and buying players. Last sporting director for Barcelona Mr.Robert Fernández was good, but his team uses to take lots of time to close the deal, and many time it was not transparent enough, but Abidal is going a great job till now. The arrangements are getting closer soon with more focus oriented purchased. Just see the Malcom deal, I was amazed at how quickly and swiftly the deal was closed and the player presentation. Roma was pissed off, I got that, but it was their mistake to announce the agreement before the signature. I think they were excited by the fact that they are getting such a young talent at such a less price after getting Justin Kluivert for just 17-18 million euros from Ajax. Never the less, Malcom deal was the prove that Barcelona marking way has changed. One more thing is if you see numerically the amount of money we sold Lucas Digne for, we bought Vidal. Not only that Abidal is insisting Valverde to promote one or even two of the left backs from Barcelona B team – Marc Cucurella and Juan Miranda. I personally love Cucurella. He is like the next Jordi Alba; he is fast with a good engine and good crossing ability. He can be a good back up for left back position and a next future star from La Masia.


Marc Cucurella and Juan Miranda

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