After the last match defeat from FC Bayern Munich by 3 goals to 0, Barcelona been out of the champions league in group stages for 20 years. As Xavi mentioned in the post-interview, Europa League is now the harsh reality for FC Barcelona. And the way they are playing, I completely agree with him. They have scored only 2, i.e. TWO goals in all six games they players in group stages. After Xavi took over as manager for Barcelona, they improved a lot in having possession and pressing high with a high defensive line. But, and it’s a big but, they are horrible in the final 3rd of the pitch, where they need to score goals to win the games. Adding to that, the injury and having no natural striker is hunting a lot. Memphis Depay is not a natural number 9. He is a winger who can finish the chances, as he did for his national team, Holland, so efficiently. Just because of the type of football holland national team play, the dutch complete football tactics. With Barcelona, the transition between the midfield to the attack is not happening. There are hardly any creative passes or visions from midfield directly to the stricker. Yes, the ball passes around from midfield to wingers and then back to midfield, but nothing creative to the stricker. Adding to that, the injury issue. On paper, Barcelona has a good team, a good champions lead group stage qualifying or even to reach quarterfinal team.

Why So many repetitive injuries problem?

They have good depth in midfield and reliable defence and wingers. But the unjust issue keeping half of the players out of starting 11. And it’s not just injury, and the problem is the same player picking up the same injuries over and over again within weeks of being declared fit to play. How is that even possible in this advanced medical world with a club like FC Barcelona? Don’t they have a medical analysis and expert team on how to prevent this, or do they have good doctors? Then why?

What will happen in the January transfer window?

Now let us talk about what will happen in the January transfer window; we all know that Barcelona has a debt of 1.5 billion euros; it’s a B with Billion. The same club reported the highest net profit from all European football clubs a few years ago. This can be due to club mismanagement and no planning in spending money, and n number of reasons is a topic for another day. Now, what are they going to do for the transfer market? They are looking for winger/ stricker Farnal Torres from Manchester City who will replace Dembele if he leaves free at season end, as he has yet to negotiate a contract with Barcelona. Also, the right-back, Dani Alves, is back to the club where he is training to get into the team from January. His presence will surely inspire many young players. About Sergiño Dest, I saw many hate comments against him, and many wanted him and a few other players to leave. We have to understand that we are not the same team anymore where good world-class players are willing to come. We don’t have money to buy players. So rather than just judging a player from a single game gives them time to improve. This is not the time to point out fingers and blame players. This is the time to support them, especially the young players who need guidance and support. This is not old Barcelona that all the players will be like Iniesta and Pyoul; they will be best from day one. Stop expecting that same level of commitment or passion. That is why some players are legends and some are just good players for any club.

Monday is the Europa League draw!

Monday, 13th Dec 2021, is the Europa League draw, and we need to see who is the next opponent for FC Barcelona. The focus has to do the best to win the Europa League and simultaneously focus on getting back on top 4 in the league. This is the time for LaMasia youngsters to show what they are worth and preserve Cruyff legacy.

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