Austria celebrating a victory at Euro 2024 under Ralf Rangnick

Austria Dark Horse for Euro 2024: A Journey from Underdogs to Contenders

Austria Dark Horse for Euro 2024: Their Rise

Austria’s performance in Euro 2024 has surprised many. Once seen as underdogs, they are now serious contenders. Under Ralf Rangnick’s management, Austria has shown courage, flair, and resilience. A thrilling 3-2 win over the Netherlands secured their place as group winners. This victory also highlighted their potential to advance far in the tournament.

Austria’s Football History

Austria’s football history has had its highs and lows. They were strong in the 1930s and the 1954 World Cup. However, recent decades have been less successful. The ‘Miracle of Cordoba’ in 1978, where they defeated West Germany, remains a memorable highlight. In Euro 2020, Austria showed promise but exited in the last 16 against Italy. Rangnick’s arrival has revitalized the team, bringing new hope and energy.

Key Matches and Tactical Brilliance

Austria’s journey through the group stage of Euro 2024 has been marked by significant victories. They started with a 3-1 win over Poland, followed by a crucial win against the Netherlands. Rangnick’s strategic decisions and the team’s dynamic play were key. Despite missing key players like David Alaba, Austria’s depth and adaptability have been impressive.

Standout Players

Marcel Sabitzer has been a standout player for Austria. His performance against the Netherlands was particularly noteworthy. Sabitzer’s versatility and playmaking skills have been crucial. Other players like Patrick Wimmer and Romano Schmid have also performed well. The team’s cohesion and understanding of Rangnick’s system have been vital.

Tactical Analysis

Rangnick’s approach emphasizes high-intensity, attacking football. This style has made Austria both effective and entertaining to watch. The team’s ability to adapt, as seen with strategic changes during matches, has been a testament to Rangnick’s tactical skills. This flexibility will be crucial in the knockout stages.

The Road Ahead

Austria’s victory over the Netherlands has set up a last-16 match against the runner-up from Group F. This could be Turkey, Czech Republic, or Georgia. Austria’s form and confidence suggest they can advance further. They might face Belgium’s group winner or a third-placed team in the quarter-finals. With strong fan support and a clear tactical plan, Austria’s campaign looks promising.

Analysis and Expectations

Austria’s transformation under Rangnick is remarkable. The team has shifted from inconsistency to being one of the tournament’s surprise packages. The combination of tactical discipline, player versatility, and psychological resilience has redefined their prospects. While still considered outsiders, their performances show they should not be underestimated. The team’s momentum and strategic prowess position them as serious contenders.


Austria’s journey in Euro 2024 has been exciting to watch. From underdogs to strong contenders, their performance has captivated fans. Under Rangnick’s leadership, they have shown they can compete with the best. Austria is not just a dark horse; they are a team to watch. Their story in this tournament is far from over, and their potential is limitless.

This journey from being underdogs to real contenders is a testament to their hard work and strategic planning. Austria’s success is a reminder that with the right leadership and teamwork, anything is possible. Their performance in Euro 2024 will be remembered for years to come.

Austria’s fans have every reason to be proud. The team has shown that they can rise to the occasion and compete at the highest level. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on Austria to see how far they can go.

Final Thoughts

Austria has proved that they belong on the big stage. Their rise in Euro 2024 is an inspiring story of resilience and ambition. As they continue their journey, the football world watches with anticipation. Austria dark horse for Euro 2024? It seems they might just be the surprise champions.


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