Georgia's football team celebrating their victory against Portugal at Euro 2024.

Georgia’s Historic Triumph at Euro 2024


Georgia’s historic triumph at Euro 2024 has captured the world’s attention. This remarkable journey has been filled with excitement and unexpected victories. Let’s explore how Georgia made history in this prestigious tournament.

Background of Georgia’s Qualification

Georgia’s path to Euro 2024 was anything but straightforward. They didn’t secure their spot through the regular qualifying rounds. Instead, they earned their place through the Nations League. By winning their League C group in 2022-23, Georgia secured a play-off spot. In the play-offs, they faced Greece and won on penalties after a goalless draw. Consequently, this victory set the stage for their historic debut at a major tournament.

Key Moments of the Match Against Portugal

Georgia’s match against Portugal was a defining moment. Facing a team ranked sixth in the world, Georgia, ranked 74th, was seen as the underdog. However, they quickly proved their worth. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia scored an early goal, setting the tone for the game. In the second half, Georges Mikautadze scored from the penalty spot, securing a 2-0 victory. Meanwhile, Portugal’s star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, struggled throughout the match and was substituted in the 66th minute, leaving the field in frustration.

Star Players and Their Impact

Two players stood out in Georgia’s historic triumph at Euro 2024. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, the team’s captain, played a crucial role. His dynamic play and leadership were evident throughout the tournament. He scored the opening goal against Portugal, showcasing his skill and determination. Similarly, Georges Mikautadze also made a significant impact. As the tournament’s top scorer, his penalty against Portugal was his 20th consecutive successful spot-kick. Clearly, these players’ contributions were vital to Georgia’s success.

The Role of Coach Willy Sagnol

Coach Willy Sagnol’s influence cannot be understated. Appointed in 2021, Sagnol brought a new approach to the team. He encouraged an unstructured and fearless style of play, which suited the players well. Sagnol’s experience in major tournaments as a player helped him guide the team through high-pressure situations. His strategic decisions and ability to inspire his players were key factors in Georgia’s achievements.

The Political and Social Impact in Georgia

Georgia’s success on the football field has had a profound impact back home. The country is currently facing political uncertainty and social unrest. A controversial new law has led to protests and violence. Amid this turmoil, Georgia’s triumph at Euro 2024 has provided a much-needed boost to the nation’s morale. Consequently, celebrations erupted in the streets of Tbilisi, bringing people together in a moment of unity and pride.

UEFA Euro 2024, Knockout stage


Georgia’s historic triumph at Euro 2024 is a story of resilience, talent, and inspiration. From their unconventional qualification to their stunning victory over Portugal, Georgia has shown the world their potential. The contributions of star players like Kvaratskhelia and Mikautadze, along with the leadership of coach Willy Sagnol, have been instrumental. This triumph has not only elevated Georgia’s status in international football but has also brought hope and joy to a nation in need. As they prepare to face Spain in the knockout stages, the journey continues, and the world watches in anticipation.

In summary, Georgia’s journey at Euro 2024 is a testament to the power of sports to uplift and unite. It reminds us that with determination and teamwork, even the most unlikely heroes can make history.



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