Turkey and Georgia players in action during Euro 2024 match at Westfalenstadion, with fans cheering in the background.

Euro 2024’s Best Match So Far: Turkey vs. Georgia

The UEFA Euro 2024 has already seen some thrilling games, but Euro 2024’s best match so far is undoubtedly the clash between Turkey and Georgia. Played at Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion, this match has been the most exciting and competitive encounter of the tournament so far.

A Clash of Determination

Both Turkey and Georgia displayed immense determination. Georgia’s manager, Willy Sagnol, praised Turkey’s performance, but his team also shone. Despite losing, Georgia’s efforts were commendable. They entered the tournament as underdogs but played with ambition and spirit.

Turkey’s Spectacular Goals

Turkey’s victory was marked by stunning goals. Mert Muldur’s volley was a thing of beauty. His precise strike opened the scoring and set the tone. Arda Guler then added another with a spectacular long-range shot. His goal curved perfectly into the top corner, showcasing his exceptional talent. In stoppage time, Kerem Akturkoglou sealed the win with a breakaway goal, making the scoreline 3-1.

Georgia’s Spirited Performance

Georgia was not just a spectator in this match. They fought hard and showed they belong on this stage. Georges Mikautadze scored Georgia’s first goal in a major tournament, igniting hopes for an upset. His calm finish after a well-worked move was a highlight of the game. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and Giorgi Tsitaishvili were also instrumental in Georgia’s attacks, creating several scoring chances.

The Atmosphere: A Football Festival

The atmosphere at the stadium was electric. The large Turkish community in Germany turned out in full force, creating a home-game feel for Turkey. Despite heavy rain, fans filled the stadium hours before kickoff, showing their passion. The noise level was intense, adding to the match’s excitement. Georgia’s fans also showed up in large numbers, contributing to a vibrant and competitive environment.

Tactical Battle on the Field

The match was not just about goals; it was a tactical battle. Georgia’s 3-5-1-1 formation worked well against Turkey’s pressure. They defended solidly and counter-attacked with precision. Kvaratskhelia’s movement and Tsitaishvili’s runs down the left flank were crucial. Despite falling behind, Georgia kept their shape and continued to press forward, nearly equalizing several times.

Weather Challenges

The weather played a significant role. Heavy rain made the conditions challenging, but it also added to the intensity. Players had to adapt quickly, and the wet pitch led to a fast-paced, energetic game. This match proved that even bad weather couldn’t dampen the excitement of Euro 2024’s best match so far.

High Stakes and High Emotions

Emotions ran high throughout the match. Turkey’s coach, Vincenzo Montella, celebrated his 50th birthday with a win, calling it the best present. For Georgia, the loss was bittersweet. Sagnol expressed pride in his team’s performance, highlighting their development and growth. Despite the defeat, Georgia’s display was a positive sign for their future in international football.

Looking Ahead

This match sets the tone for the rest of Euro 2024. It shows that underdogs can compete fiercely and that the tournament is full of surprises. For Turkey, the win boosts their chances of advancing past the group stage, a feat they haven’t achieved in recent Euros. For Georgia, the performance against a strong Turkish side is a stepping stone. They can build on this experience and aim for better results in their upcoming matches.


Euro 2024’s best match so far between Turkey and Georgia was a showcase of skill, determination, and passion. Turkey’s stunning goals and Georgia’s spirited fight made it an unforgettable encounter. The electric atmosphere, tactical battles, and weather challenges added to the spectacle. This match is a testament to the excitement and unpredictability of football, promising more thrilling moments as the tournament progresses.



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