Germany's Jamal Musiala celebrating his goal against Hungary in Euro 2024, alongside Ilkay Gundogan.

Germany vs. Hungary: Nagelsmann’s Tactics Lead to Victory

Germany secured a spot in the Euro 2024 knockout stage with a convincing 2-0 win over Hungary. This match showcased the effective use of Nagelsmann’s tactics, solidifying Germany’s reputation as a strong contender. Let’s delve into the key aspects of this victory.

A Tactical Masterclass by Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann’s tactics played a pivotal role in Germany’s success. His strategy centered around fluidity and versatility. Players like Jamal Musiala and Florian Wirtz were instrumental in this approach. Musiala, in particular, showcased his adaptability by scoring early and maintaining pressure throughout the game.

Nagelsmann positioned Toni Kroos as a left center-back, adding a unique dimension to the team’s play. This allowed Kroos to distribute the ball efficiently, creating opportunities for the attacking players. Antonio Rudiger’s ability to bring the ball out from the back also added depth to their strategy.

The Role of Key Players

Nagelsmann’s tactics emphasized the importance of key players in central areas. Ilkay Gundogan, Musiala, and Wirtz created a formidable attacking force. Gundogan’s late runs into the box and Musiala’s movement kept the Hungarian defense on their toes. This dynamic play resulted in Musiala’s early goal and Gundogan’s second-half strike.

The coordination between these players was remarkable. For instance, Wirtz often moved inside from the right, dragging defenders with him. This created space for Joshua Kimmich on the right wing, allowing Germany to exploit the flanks effectively.

Neuer’s Timeless Brilliance

Manuel Neuer, at 38, proved he is still one of the best goalkeepers. His performance against Hungary was outstanding. Neuer made several key saves, including a crucial one against Dominik Szoboszlai’s free-kick. His quick reactions and leadership were vital in maintaining Germany’s clean sheet.

Neuer’s presence brings stability to the team. His experience and skill were on full display, showcasing why he remains indispensable to Germany’s squad.

Hungary’s Missed Opportunities

Hungary entered the match with a reputation for being defensively strong and tactically versatile. However, they struggled to contain Nagelsmann’s tactics. Despite creating several chances, they failed to convert them into goals. Barnabas Varga missed key headers that could have changed the game’s outcome.

Hungary’s defensive adjustments did limit some of Germany’s midfield play. But once they fell behind, they found it challenging to regain control. Their inability to adapt after conceding was a significant factor in their defeat.

Nagelsmann’s Post-Match Insights

Julian Nagelsmann acknowledged the challenges posed by Hungary. He praised his team’s maturity and ability to stay stable under pressure. According to Nagelsmann, the team’s perseverance was key to their victory. He emphasized that the game showcased Germany’s growth and resilience.

Nagelsmann also highlighted Musiala’s performance. He encouraged Musiala to continue playing with freedom and confidence, likening his style to playing a casual game with friends. This approach has clearly paid off, with Musiala emerging as a crucial player in Germany’s lineup.

Hungary’s Response

Hungary’s coach, Marco Rossi, was proud of his team’s effort despite the loss. He noted that losing to a team of Germany’s caliber was always a possibility. Rossi emphasized that his players followed the tactical plan well but were ultimately outmatched by Germany’s quality and Nagelsmann’s tactics.


Germany’s victory over Hungary highlighted the effectiveness of Nagelsmann’s tactics. The team’s fluid movement, strategic positioning, and individual brilliance were key factors in their success. With this win, Germany has established itself as a formidable contender in Euro 2024. As the tournament progresses, it will be interesting to see how Nagelsmann’s tactics evolve and how other teams respond to Germany’s dynamic play.



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