Six seasons, One hundred seventy games, 25 goals, Four LaLiga, One champion League, Four Copa del Rey, Two super de Espana, One UEFA super cup and One Fifa Club World cup. In total, 13 major trophies. Top of that most goal scored from the midfield for Barca, in the era of Xavi and Iniesta.

13 major trophies, where many midfielders failed!

The last few days of the transfer window the way Barcelona President and other club officials dealt with his future in the club was very disrespectful to him. He has given and proven a lot fo the club like Barca, where many midfielders failed to make any impact. Players like Coutinho, Turan and Andre Gomes.

Most underrated midfielder in the world!

His use to negotiate with PGS to bring Neymar back is subtle; it’s a business. But the problem was not informing him or not even telling him that we are going put you on the table with PGS for Neymar negotiation. In my last block, I said that Rakitić needs to leave or sold by the club. Due to his age and the number of other options available for Barca for that same midfield spot. That does not mean that Barcelona need to treat him, a vastly experienced player and for me the most underrated midfielder in the world.

Manchester United, the best place!

As of now, this season in the last three games. He was on the bench and was unused by Valverde, which is a shock because Rakitić was Valverde’s goto man all the time. If this continues and I think it will continue, the way Arthur performed last game, it is very tough to keep him on the bench for long. If Rakitić doesn’t get enough playing time till winter transfer winter, he will leave. He should go to Manchester United, a place where they need a creative defensive player.

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