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There I was, just a neutral football enthusiast, witnessing Arsenal’s campaign in Premier League 2022-23. The season started full of promise under Mikel Arteta. However, it culminated in a bitter end. As a football fan, I felt a pang of disappointment, not because I’m an Arsenal fan – I’m not – but because the journey of Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal was nothing short of incredible, and to see it not end in a title win was somewhat disheartening.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal – The Pain of Falling Short

Mikel Arteta was crestfallen after their defeat against Nottingham Forest, a defeat that ultimately handed the title to Manchester City. Arsenal’s Premier League 2022-23 journey was indeed incredible, but this loss stung deep, for it was the difference between a title and second place. The once table-topping Gunners needed to find a way to heal, a way to lift their spirits after falling short.

Despite the loss, Arteta was full of praise for Manchester City. But, it was clear that the pain of watching his side lose form at the crucial juncture was eating at him. “It’s a really sad day. We fell short. They are the champions, they deserved to win,” Arteta had expressed after the game. The apology that followed seemed like an earnest acknowledgement of the faith that the fans had placed in them, a faith that they, unfortunately, couldn’t uphold.

The Incredible Journey of Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal

Despite the agony of losing the title, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal had an impressive run in the Premier League 2022-23 season. They led the standings for 248 days, the most by any team that didn’t eventually win the title. The journey was incredible, and there’s no denying that. They had competed fiercely with City, even surpassing them for a considerable part of the season. “We have learned huge lessons. We have transformed a lot at this club. We have made huge steps,” Arteta asserted. The progress was evident, but the missing trophy was a constant reminder of what could have been.

The late-season stumble was a disappointment for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, no doubt. However, there was also a realization of the growth they had achieved over the season. The team showed a never-say-die attitude, striving hard till the end. But it wasn’t enough. They fell short, and Arteta admitted that they needed to push harder, perhaps find a way to bridge the gap with a side like Manchester City.

Healing and Moving Forward

The Premier League 2022-23 season was a roller coaster for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal. The team showed promising performances, but their late-season stumble proved costly. Now, the focus is on healing and moving forward. “Now we must heal. It is very painful. I have to find a way to lift the players and we have a tough week ahead of us,” Arteta confessed.

Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale also tried to draw some positivity from the situation, acknowledging their achievements over the season. The players, the management, and the fans all shared in the pain, but the overall progress of Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal was something to be proud of.

Even amidst the disappointment, there was a sense of belief in the team. Arteta’s Arsenal had come a long way, and although they didn’t win the Premier League 2022-23 title, they had made significant strides. The journey might have ended in a bitter defeat, but the journey was incredible nonetheless. As a neutral observer, I could only hope for the best for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal as they gear up for the next challenge.


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