As the season is over and with it a new transfer window and opportunity to shade dead woods and strengthen the team. Last season gave few new learning lessons. First, can’t always depend on front three trident M-S-N to drag you out form a tough fixture. Second, Midfield is missing due to over experimenting and ageing players with missing leadership quality. Third, The fullbacks position. In Barcelona its as importance that they provide the width to team to play diagonal long through pass from middle of the pitch and Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba both didn’t perform well especially right back position. New transfer of last year didn’t workout as expected like AndreGomes and DenisSuarez but i have believe on them that they will perform but they should get good amount of playing time. About Rafinha, the amount of injuries he is getting is destroying his changes to become a midfield maestro like his brother. I hope he works on his fitness level and prove his worth. I would like to add about Sergio Busquets, he is not getting enough rest time and he is a key player for Barcelona as equal as Messi, the transaction from defence to counter attack is not happening, i think Gomes will be a perfect replacement for him because of his ability with ball and long passes skills and he is physically strong. The only signing which was most impressive was Umtiti, he is prefect Barcelona type defender.

Some players need to be sold as they are not good enough for Barcelona now. Like, Jérémy Mathieu, Turkish star Arda Turan and Thomas Vermaelen. I will stick to Aleix Vidal and Javier Mascherano for one more season. Vidal need to get back to his prime as he was in Sevilla he got the speed and fighting sprite. Arda Turan, need to leave just to make space for newcomers like Denis, he is better than just on bench plus his fitness leave is not constant.

New Manger, Valverde he is a man with experience in Spanish league and in European competitions too. He is a safe bet for Barcelona rather than going with Ronald Koeman, which i think he is a better manger than Valverde. But the situation in Barcelona is now, the ageing golden era players like Andrés Iniesta, Gerard Piqué and Messi and less La Masia influence in first team Barcelona need Valverde more than Koeman. But it will be a tough time for Valverde because he need some big guns to fill the shoes of Iniesta, Xavi and Dani Alves and big guns comes with big pocket of money.

Barcelona need only one major signing and 2 – 3 normal profile signing. The major now could be Marco Verratti from PSG, that will be expensive transfer because PSG will not let him go easily. Verratti will be a perfect replacement number 6 shirt – Xavi. He is  a “can do it all deep line midfield player” his passing accuracy in 2016-17 with PSG was 88.6% with average passes of 87.5. He can dictate the midfield with all kind of passes. Plus his interception  ability with tackling makes him a good deep line midfield player.

Next will be a right back – Nélson Semedo from Benfica. I will prefer Semedo over Hector Bellerin because of his better defensive possition than Bellerin, better decision making and crossing abilities in final third of the pitch and stamina. Both got some serious pace with them alone with going forward vision where Bellerin got good skills with ball control and passing abilities which comes form Barcelona DNA within him his decision making in final third is poor plus his poor defensively positioning which he makeup with his pace, most of the time. Semedo weakness are ball passing ability. Plus dealing with Benfica for Semedo will be easier than dealing with Arsenal for Bellerin. We can use Turan in Bellerin transfer but it does not work always just like Luis Suarez transfer from Liverpool and Alexis Sánchez to Arsenal.

Third and final will be retune of Gerard Deulofeu, over Ousmane Dembélé. Its all upto transfer of Verratti. If Verratti transfer is not successful than Barcelona will have big money to get Dembélé. Or else Deulofeu personally i will go with Deulofeu and in case we didn’t get Verratti than i will go with Dembélé because he got a good decision making, goal scoring skills and he is a two footed player like Neymar all this with a terrific speed and movement or as news coming in of Riyad Mahrez a left footed skilful player with good speed and experience player.

But its all end up with what style Bacelona gonna play, conventional 4-3-3 or 3-3-1-4.

I will go with 3-3-1-4 with 3 at the back, Gerard Piqué – Umtiti – Sergi Roberto. In middle, Jordi Alba – Sergio Busquet/Gomes – Marco Verratti/Iniesta and Messi just behind striker in false number 9 position. In front, Neymar – Luis Suárez – Dembélé/Deulofeu.

With the current market status and the the way prices are going up for good world class players, it will be a tough transfer market shopping for FC Barcelona with only two trophies win last season and change in manger puts extra pressure on them. They need to act quick and they need to shop smart. All the above players are in shortlist of many good and rich clubs with history/oil money to back them up. With Messi delaying his new contract signing and Iniesta giving hints that he will leave Barcelona soon manager Mr. Ernesto Valverde got a huge task in front of him along with La Masia young generation promising players promotion and loanees like Sergi Samper, Carles Aleñá, Marlon Santos and Alen Halilović.

2 thoughts on “What next for FC Barcelona?”
  1. Very detailed article .. but I feel Mathieu can still do the job.. let’s see .. good thought flow

    1. thank you for reading, feel free to share. About Mathieu, its time up for him plus he is not playing games and costing us weekly wages so he should move on.

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