Summer Transfer Window…

Our new coach, Ernesto Valverde, it’s a new and slow beginning with every single day passing by it was definitely a slow start in the market for FC Barcelona. They were not able to decide which players they want and how much they actually have to pay. It started with Marco Verratti then Héctor Bellerín, Jean Seri and ended with Philippe Coutinho. The coördination between sporting director Robert Fernández and Valverde was not good or maybe they were too buying trying non-possible transfer targets. All three Marco Verratti, Héctor Bellerín and Philippe Coutinho were marked NON – TRANSFERABLE by their respective clubs and Mr Robert Fernández wasted too many resources and time on them. Then came the biggest transfer of all time, Neymar leaving for PSG for the world record 222 million euro which I think was a fire back with the dirty transfer game played by Barcelona for Verratti. Neymar transfer was the huge blow for football club Barcelona for most of them including me didn’t believe that he will ever gonna leave but the post in Instagram from Messi for Neymar farewell was the heartbreaking moment. The trio – MSN is a history now.

Post MSN…

I am not gonna talk about how good they were on and off the pitch or about the mammoth statics. For me, as a Tiki-taka lover, it was a new thing to watch Barcelona playing those long crosses to flanks and those 2-3 touches counter attack it was nice. But, and it’s a big “But” we started ignoring our midfield area and stopped giving importance to it. We were too depended on front three to bail us out from any defence or from any team. And whenever those three failed the team suffered just like quarter-final against Juventus last year. Now it’s time to move on from the honeymoon period of front three and time to focus on midfield where the real game of football being played. The era of Xavi and Iniesta is over and Sergio Busquets is ageing its time for Denis and Roberto to step up along with André Gomes and Rafinha. The Ivorian, 26 years old Jean Seri is a player a like of Xavi and I think instead of Coutinho Barcelona should have gone for him, he is cheaper and more a player which Barcelona need now. But then, they went for 29 years old Paulinho from Chinese League. Let’s hope for best for him and club, let’s see what he brings to table.

222+ Million Euro purse…

After Neymar departure, all the clubs knew that Barcelona got the money and urgency because it was late for Barcelona, the market price went skyrocket for every single player whom Barcelona scout. The effect of it was 105 + 40 million euros for Ousmane Dembélé a 20-year-old French footballer who is in his 2nd year of pro-footballer whom Borussia Dortmund just bought a year back for 15 million euros. It didn’t stop there, Liverpool rejected a 150 million euros offer for Coutinho which I think is good because we have Denis for that same role and he deserves a chance.

Transfer Window Wrap Up…

The transfer market was overall a failure for Barcelona and for Mr Robert Fernández. Barcelona failed to sell its deadwood like Arda Turan and  Thomas Vermaelen. Few players were loan out like Munir El Haddadi and Douglas but that too few percentage of their salary will be paid by Barcelona. in return we bought an ageing 29 years old player and two promising youngest – Nélson Semedo and Gerard Deulofeu which was a good deal but I think we should have gone for Siri too. Let’s see rumour is that again in winter transfer market Barcelona will go for him. The main reason for this failed transfer was, there was no plan B for Mr Robert Fernández and the board didn’t handle Neymar issue carefully and closely. Players had to get involved and communicate with fans over social media just to relax them.

Treble Season???

It’s too early to judge because I remember the same conditions were in 2014-15 season, new coach, ageing core team, failed last season and End of Era tag mark for football club Barcelona. But we must not forget the G.O.A.T Lionel Andrés Messi and the maestro Andrés Iniesta. Along with them a new and stilling growing players who need to prove their worth of wearing Blaugrana!!

I am having high hope on André Gomes, Danis Suarez and Roberto they need to step up their game and make their presence felt in the dressing room and on the field. 4 games over in La-Liga including a 3-0 home victory over Juventus FC, I must say Paulinho and Semedo are doing well along with Deulofeu who need to understand Messi and Luis movement. The wonder boy – Ousmane Dembélé – he got injured last game against Getafe and out for 3-4 months not what he would have excepted – get well soon number 11. The team is good and with a good number of support or backups only if they perform. Now Mr Ernesto Valverde – Manager of FC Barcelona, he was ones described by the legendary Johan Cruyff as very intelligent number 9 player and he was his utility player. What I saw in last few games is, definitely the Tiki-Taka is back and pressing high and most importance – False 9 role is back to Messi forming a 4-2-1-3 formation an attacking formation.

And the second lineup with conventional 4-3-3(below) holding formation.

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