Is this a good move?

I am still to deiced, and I don’t want to shift from an old way of viewing style from TV to online. In the country like India where we don’t have good internet speed it’s a step back move and for other nations in Indian subcontinents like Pakistan, SriLanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Maldives where internet connectivity is not as functional as India, not only connectivity the speed of internet matters too. You are going to watch a whole game of football entire 90+ mins game online, and it’s not a movie that you will be cool with buffering time or buffering lag, football, as a game is a fast game and no football fans, will be ok with buffering delay. For a long run it’s a good step forward for sure, think about the amount of subscription fee satellite TV companies are charging for the whole year for hundreds of channels and the crazy part is, 95% of the channels you get is of no use for you or not a requirement for you. However, you always have to select the channel bundle what they provide, not what you want. So it is not a beneficial way of pay to watch service. Just in my case, my yearly subscription charges for my satellite TV service is around 9,500 INR in which I get all the sports channel and a bunch of other channels, which I never watch. With internet live broadcasting service like Hotstar, Sony Six, Facebook and even Amazon Prime coming with live football games for English Premier leagues shortly, it will be far easy only to subscribe for a fee for what you want to watch on your smart TVs or mobile devices or laptop. Top of that many online channels are free of cost like Facebook live for LaLiga.

It is not a beneficial way of pay to watch service.

With this, the next challenge will be the streaming speed from service providers. What’s the use of subscribing to only those channels which you want to watch over a dedicated and streamline satellite TV service provider and half of the time you will be stuck in buffering time? Service providers and online broadcasting company have to work on low data pockets which will help the views to watch the games with the minimum required speed with a good quality broadcasting. It’s a long way to go, somewhere and someone has to take the first step.

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