With this win, FC Barcelona is in the top of La Liga 2018-19 season. All the other teams dropped points. Real Madrid 2 points behind, Atletico Madrid 7 points, Sevilla 8 points and Valencia 9 points behind the leaders.


In the first half of the game, Barcelona dominated the possession and establishing themselves in Sociedad’s half of the pitch. But the hosts scored a goal when defender Aritz Elustondo got a super chance from a set piece. Real Sociedad was very comfortable defending with many players behind the ball and made things tough for the Barcelona in the first half. Gerard Piqué and Luis Suárez had penalty shouts denied by VAR, and Barcelona just could not find a goal in the first half. Clearly, FC Barcelona lacked the creativity from the midfield. Rafinha was given chance to play Coutinho role and he was lacking the confidence and touch.

Valverde must give more changes to the youngster like Arthur to prove his potential.

In the second half, Nélson Semedo was substituted for Philippe Coutinho to add a more creative. One thing I want to add regarding Semedo and Roberto that many a time in the game they didn’t look at the same wavelength. Both of them were missing their passes for each other. After some time Roberto stopped giving the pass to Semedo. In fact, Semedo will be waiting for the pass from Roberto and in space. And Roberto will not pass the ball to him instead he will play an inside ball or side pass to Ivan. 

With Coutinho and Busquets Barcelona became even more creative, in control, dominant and dangerous and they both started creating good chances. Busquets came in substitute of Rafinha. Rafinha had a dull game. Last year on loan to Inter he terrific after coming back from a long injury. I think we should give him some time he is an excellent potential player. Again it was proven that Busquets is the real backbone for FC Barcelona playing style. After he came, the game and passes were in smooth transitions. 

Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele gave 2-1 comeback.

In the second half, when Barcelona was trailing behind a goal to nill. The goals came for FC Barcelona and in the space of three minutes, two goals from Suárez and Dembélé and both from the corners. Hard to believe but yes, Barcelona scoured from the corner. Real Sociedad were unlucky for sure. They kept Messi quiet for most of the game. Every time the ball was at Messi’s feet, players crowded him and put pressure until he lost the ball. It was ter Stegen’s night, he was the only thing that prevented Real Sociedad from scoring time to time, especially in the dying moment of the game to denied a draw.

Ousmane Dembele started the fourth game in a row, and he hasn’t failed to deliver. Scoring in crucial games and winning points for his team. One goal against Real Valladolid the winning and only goal of the match. Now again in Real Sociedad, where he gave that second winning goal to the team.

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