Liverpool v AS Roma and  Bayern Munich v Real Madrid

I think the draw is a good one with fair chances to all the teams. The first game will be, Liverpool hosting  AS Roma on 25th April (IST) followed by Bayern vs Real Madrid on 26th April and retune games will be on 2nd and 3rd May 2018. 

Liverpool v Roma – Attack vs Defence 

This game will test the defence of AS Roma. The counter attack speed of Liverpool will surely hurt AS Roma but the goalkeeper of AS Roma Alisson Becker, the best goalkeeper so far in this year competition going to have a tough time. But AS Roma got more experience and physical strong midfield line-up and both the team are good with physical playing style with quick movement in the middle of the park. AS Roma will have issues to keep up with the domestic league pressure to qualify for the champions league next season and for Liverpool this is what all left for to play, they are out of FA cup and with Tottenham playing to City in coming days will surely going to help them to be and stay in top four of the league. For me, I think Liverpool going to win the tie and go to because of their consistency and manager Jürgen Klopp who got more experience than his counterpart Eusebio Di Francesco. But Liverpool needs to be careful because they playing at home first game and an away goal from AS Roma will hurt them in return leg, just like Barcelona.

Bayern vs Real Madrid – The Clash of Titans 

This game is bigger than final, just like last year quarterfinal final. Bayern players still will be caring the grudge of losing to Real Madrid and especially Arturo Vidal, who got sent off after a perfectly timed tackle in the second leg and the offsides goals scored by Real Madrid. With an amazing form of goalscoring CR7 will be a great threat, he has scored 9 goals in only 6 games against Bayern. Bayern will surely be going to miss Manuel Neuer and the constant rotation of players from December 2017 can be good and bad, depends on what mutual understanding the team is building up for this big game. Both the team got world-class players in all 4 sections of the field but I think, Bayern defence is better and Real Madrid attack is superiors. In midfield and goalkeeping its a tie. For me, Real Madrid going to win the tie over 2 games and they have advance also playing at home in the 2nd game. So it all depends on Bayern how many goals they scoring at home and keeping a clean sheet. 

UEFA Europa League

A big surprise when Lazio went out after winning at home 4-2 to Salzburg and then losing 4-1 away. It’s like Barcelona and Roma and could have been like Real Madrid and Juventus. 

Now the two semis will be played between Salzburg vs. Marseille and Arsenal vs. Atletico Madrid on 27th April and 4th May 2018.



 Arsenal vs. Atletico Madrid will be fun to watch. Arsenal only change to qualify for next year Champions League is to win the Europa League and that is not looking possible now. Atletico Madrid will is going to win both the games for sure. They have the mentality, experience in highest European level, players superior to Arsenal and they got Diego Simeone. The only chance Arsenal got it to attack and attack use the creativity of Ozil and speed of Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Lacazette. The defence will be a big big concern for Arsenal when they come up against Griezmann and Diego Costa. With Arsenal out of the competition, for sure, it will be a walk in the park for Atletico Madrid in final.

But you never know, ask FC Barcelona player and supporters, it’s Football.

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