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Julian Nagelsmann is the favorite to become the next first-team coach of Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite his limited success at Bayern Munich, Nagelsmann is still considered one of Europe’s top-rated coaches. Furthermore, given Nagelsmann’s childhood photo in a Tottenham shirt, it’s suggested that destiny may bring them together.

But now Nagelsmann wouldn’t be wise to take Tottenham. Right now, he needs to make sure that his next job is the right job, and I think any manager going to Tottenham now is set to fail because Harry Kane isn’t going to stay, and they need to rebuild, so I don’t see how you got a time you can succeed. It’s unclear if Nagelsmann could succeed; given his ambition, it may not be his best career move. So I don’t see Tottenham offering that opportunity because they will have to find a way to rebuild that team, and they won’t be in the Champions League next season.

Take a step back!

So if I were Julian Nagelsmann, I would take a backward step. If he buys his time and waits for the right job, he’ll get a better job than Tottenham because a lot of it’s an easy one to link into, as it is an available one with an attractive proposition in terms of a name. But Nagelsmann will be wise to sit tight. It doesn’t need a job. Because he will get paid by, I mean it, until he gets the job, so you can spin it out for as long as you want.

Harry Kane’s future?

They’re not in the Champions League next season; they might lose Harry Kane. Tottenham had Mourinho didn’t work out. They’ve had Mauricio Pochettino. They got rid of him, who got to the Champions League final. So from the perspective of rebuilding his reputation, he needs to make the right choice you’ve managed.

Will Chelsea be a good destination? As Graham Potter is under pressure for his job. But for Nagelsmann, Chelsea’s job will be far better because they’ve invested in the squad, and it’s just a case of having a coach who can knit it all together and get some excellent players playing together. I don’t think Potter has that ability. That’s what Potter’s got to be aware of because if they don’t finish the Champions League places, then it will be difficult for him.

Real Madrid and His reputation

Also, Nagelsmann is being linked to Real Madrid as well. And as his reputation says, he can’t work with big stars. So managing the likes of Luka Modrić, Toni Kroos, and Karim Benzema may not be the right fit for him. All these players that you know, maybe one or two years still in them. So that is the big thing that he will have to manage.

On the other hand, how many seats are available, as they say in Formula One? Where should he go? He won’t do anything in Germany; will he definitely go to PSG? No, that is the place where coaches go to die. So Chelsea or Tottenham may be the best alternatives right now.

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