I know I am late to predictive world cup winner by now and after two rounds of games over for most of the groups. But I have to admit that a world cup till now, as many pundits and rtd. football players predicted that it will an easy win for top teams to win the group and move to the round of 16, certainly that is not the case as of now. Starting round except France all the other big team had a poor game and the current world champion Germany lost to Mexico and what a game it was. Spain drew with Portugal with Ronaldo scoring 3 goals, Argentina drew with Iceland and the favourites Brazil drew against Switzerland. France had a tough game but VAR and Goal Line Technology came for their rescue.

For me, I will support Spain always supported Spain. They had a tough game against Portugal and in the second game against Iran when Iran packing all 11 players behind the ball they had a clear idea setback and hit on a counter attack. I had a doubt also with the Spain team selection against Iran when I saw Koke was not in the starting 11. And Costa, what a WC he is having till now. The first goal against Portugal was world class, beating 3 defenders and then Goalkeeper, the only goal against Iran was a luck and mistake by Iranian defender which took a deflection and went inside the goal post. It was a hard-fought win for Spain, and the drama of Lopetegui and Real Madrid was very bad for Spain. But Spain football association did a good thing firing him, it was the tough decision but it was correct. And so far Spain looks solid in comparison to others big teams. Koke, Asensio and Thiago need to play and start more games now. only five games left to win the world cup and Fernando Hierro need to figure out what will be the plan B if plan A is not working, especially in attacking terms. Last game for Spain will be against Morocco, though they are out of WC still they will give a good fight as we all saw their game against Portugal. About Portugal, the three goals Ronaldo scored against Spain, all three were gameplay error and gifted by Spain but yes Ronaldo scored them, I am not taking anything away from him and the free-kick was world class. The goal against Morocco, the defence error for the corner by the Moroccan defence was pathetic. My point is Portugal is not winning by the chance they creating, they got a world-class finisher and I agree in the end it’s all about the result and qualifies to the next round.

Let’s talk about France, the South Africa of Cricket. If you see the team they got and the talent and the couch you will think that they can win the world cup after playing their second team. And the games they played till now, match against Australia with they won thanks to G.L.T and the second game against Peru, it was a close game. Then you think what’s wrong with France, why they thrashing teams. I mean they got a perfect team, world-class goalkeeper great ball playing defence, world-class midfield with pacy wingers who can score and create chances and arguably the best young talent in the planet as the striker – Kylian Mbappé. And then you see the struggle to win games against small teams, its all about the experience and that is why I think France and Brazil with a young team and such talent they got will struggle as a team and team like Spain will benefit. But now Germany is all about individual players with world class talent, they are not able to channelise it. They were unstoppable in their WC qualifying games but in last 7 games, including international friendlies and the first game of WC, only one game they won, three lost and drew. The confidence level and understanding between players is not there that’s why they all are individual world class player not a world class team.

About world class players but not a team, Argentina. When Messi scored the hattrick to help Argentina qualify for world-cup I and other pundits also had high believed on Sampaoli that he will do something to help the team and it’s moral. After two games in the world cup, in which one draw against Iceland and one lost against Croatia, Argentina is on edge to go out of world cup. What a pathetic team it is and Sampaoli is a digester. The game against Croatia, it was like Argentina playing 5 stricken and 5 defenders 5-0-5 formation. I am not trying to save Messi or not going to defend him, the penalty misses against Ice land with cost Argentina 2 points was totally on his shoulder. People say that, yes great players too miss penalties so let them miss it was a crucial game and being in the group of death it was very important to win the game and get 3 points. I personally think Argentina should not qualify for the round of 16 they are a digester. Let Messi go home and take rest and get ready for next season for Barcelona. Barcelona got their own issues too. They have to win Champions League this time.

VAR and Goal Line Technology (G.L.T), till now they have performed well only controversial decision was in the game between Tunisia vs. England. In general, they are doing a good job with room for improvement. I think decisions like the games in Brazil vs. Switzerland the foul on Jesus was not given because referee thought it wasn’t a foul.

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