What a world cup we are having, not just one group or two almost all the groups are like the group of death. Last night game, Spain vs Morocco and Portugal vs. Iran this two-game had all in them. Last minute drama, VAR, Penalty all. Spain was lucky to get the draw against Morocco. David Silva and Thiago were useless in that right-hand side of Spain attack and all the attack were from the left side through Isco and Jodi. Pique was lucky to escape without any card, for me that was a straight red card and what is happening with David, he is such a world class keeper and till now he has conceded all shot on goals which is on target except the last save he did. Spain needs to find there A game in the round of 16, next game will be against Russia. I think it’s better to play 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 formation, with Busquets and Koke in middle of the park, Isco, Iniesta and Thiago/ Asensio playing just behind Costa. That will an ideal formation, as we all saw the first goal Spain consider was a mistake by Ramos and Iniesta and most of the time Thiago or Iniesta were dropping back to get the ball up the filed. Isco was brilliant last game, what a player he is. Last week I was listening to a debate about, Isco or Coutinho who is better ? that is very tough to decide but for me I will go with Coutinho not because Isco is from RealMadrid, both the players are so identical in playing style even the playing portion is same for them but one thing which Coutinho got is long shot and the ability to curl the ball from distance. I don’t understand why Asensio not playing or stating the game, in place of Silva. Asensio is more effective as a right mid in wings, he got speed he is strong can hold the ball and he is good in crosses and trickery. The VAR goal, which Aspas scored in injury time, that’s a goal for me. Linesman gave it as offside but it was not. One more point for VAR, many will debate that his shoulder was in offside position, no it was not I just the speed or the momentum. A good decision. The second game against Portugal and Iran, football at its best, if Iran had won the game not only they would have qualified for next round but they would have topped the group with 6 points they missed the last minute goal by 4-5 inch which could be the winning goal for them. Now Portugal will face Uruguay in the round of 16. Let’s talk about Uruguay, the meanest defence in the competition. They haven’t conceded a single goal till now in 3 games and the way they play, it’s like parking the bus in front of goal and keeping two supercars ready for the quarter attack Luis Suarez and Cavani both upfront. It’s not fun or eye pleasure to watch them they don’t pass like Spain, they don’t counter attack like Mexico they don’t put 11 men behind the ball like Iceland but they play the style they are best at and that is why it will be very difficult for Portugal, Portugal is a team who will sit behind the ball and they are comfortable with it and they hit on count attack. So in another way, they are ok to play the team with high attack and the team which press high like Spain and Germany, Portugal got player who can run 30 – 50 yards and score the goal. But they are not ok or struggle against a team who are willing to do the same thing, in that case, they don’t know how to hit them in counter-attack because the opposite team has already parked the bus and the very same thing happened in the game against Iran. With Uruguay it will be different, Uruguay will seat back but they will have 2 world class stickers in front of them.

I want to talk about Brazil vs Costa Rica game and Germany vs. Sweden game, these two game did or die for both Brazil and Germany, especially for Germany. In Brazil vs Costa Rica game the goal scored by Neymar was the first goal for him in the completion and Coutinho, again a class performance by him and second man of the match for him in two games. Brazil knew they had to win the game and the opponent was not that tough for them but the way they play, especially Neymar, he is been selfish he don’t pass the ball try too hard to take too many player ones on one, a player like him must be in final third of the pitch or just behind striker where he can take 1 or 2 players one on one then goal, he tried to take the ball near half-line and try to do Messi kinda stuffs which is not required he is not Messi he is Neymar he got his own style. And why the hell Firmino not stating the game, why Gabriel. The issue with Gabriel is he is a Neymar kind of player but already Neymar is there to do Neymar kinds of stuff, we need someone like Firmino who can hold the ball pass the ball sideways or front n can score the goal too. Douglas Costa, what a game he had after coming on half time, fantastic. I think he is going to start the next game again Serbia. One thing we learned from Germany vs. Sweden game is that World Cup is all about how the complete team playing not only about a single start or individual starts. When Germany lost their first game, that game Muller played the whole game in right-hand side and I was like what the hell is wrong with Low. The game against Sweden again Muller started on the right-hand side but this time he and Reus were interchanging that right-wing duty more often, which was good till Sweden scored the opening goal. After the halftime, Mario Gomez game in place of Draxler and then Timo went to left wing side, Muller playing just behind Mario Gomez. That was a good strategically thought move by Mr Low. Germany needs to work on their defence, Boateng and Rudiger were not good and had no coordination, sometime suddenly Rudiger will high up the pitch and play as struck and then Boateng will do the same after some time. But the free kick winning goal scored by Toni was world class and saved Germany chances to qualify for next round.


“19% per cent of the goal scored after the 86th minute.”


This World Cup, till now in all the games 19% per cent of the goal scored after the 86th minute and Neymar goal against Costa Rica was the latest to be scored in normal time in the history of world cups. what is the reason or what we conclude from it? Teams are getting more defensive and trying to slow down the game and why because of 32 teams in World Cups. So? whats the link with 32 teams? 32 teams mean many low raking teams and the low ranking team will just park the bus and wait for the chance to hit the opponent in a counter attack. Next world cup of 2022 in Qatar and in that 40 teams will participate. It is good that more and more team are getting involve and we are able to see more quality and different playing style, a team like Iceland and Iran playing against big European and South American gainers and outperforming them

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