Xavi Hernandez talking about FC Barcelona's future and Lionel Messi's possible return in an interview.

Embracing the Future: Xavi Hernandez Speaks on FC Barcelona and a Possible Lionel Messi Return

Alright, fellow Blaugrana aficionados, it’s been one heck of a ride this season, hasn’t it? In the midst of our shared adrenaline rush, our coach Xavi Hernandez recently spilled some words of wisdom and optimism, hinting at our club’s future and even touching on a possible Lionel Messi return. Yes, you read that right.

In his recent interview with Diario SPORT, Xavi put forward an intriguing notion: the return of Messi, a prospect that would undeniably be a game-changer for FC Barcelona. Xavi stated unequivocally, “For me, there is no doubt that if Messi returns, he will help us a lot. I have made it clear to the president.” As a Barcelona fan, hearing these words stirred a sense of longing in me. The very thought of seeing Messi back in the Blaugrana shirt just ignites that old spark of invincibility.

FC Barcelona Future with a Touch of the Past

Despite the tantalizing thought of Messi’s return, Xavi doesn’t shy away from the fact that the talent level at Barça isn’t quite the same as during our golden era, circa 2010. However, he keenly highlights that “Barça has survived and won the league along with the Super Cup without the best player in the history of the club and world football.” As fans, we’ve had to swallow the bitter pill of reality in the post-Messi era, but these victories, folks, are a testament to our resilience.

Speaking of resilience, Xavi acknowledged the significant strides that the club has made in the post-Messi era. The victories we’ve savored this season have not just been wins; they’ve been statements of intent, glimpses into our Barcelona Champions League ambitions.

Messi’s Potential Role and The Squad’s Progress

Addressing the big question, would Messi’s return alter the playing style of FC Barcelona? Xavi didn’t hesitate to quell those doubts, assuring us that Messi’s inclusion would seamlessly align with our current playing model.

The tactician didn’t just stop at talking about Messi; he generously praised the team’s existing talent, speaking highly of Dembélé, who he called “a sensational player,” and commending Jordi Alba for his commitment to the team despite a reduced role. Furthermore, he expressed the need for improvement in the midfield and attack while waiting for the Financial Fair Play rules (FFP) to pan out.

The Dream of Champions League Success

As a fan, what struck me most about Xavi’s words were his undying Barcelona Champions League ambitions. It resonates with our collective hope to relive those glorious nights in Europe. With this goal in sight, Xavi highlighted the importance of strengthening the squad, stating that “the ideal scenario would be to reinforce ourselves with six players.”

With Xavi’s first season already exceeding our expectations, the future looks even more promising. The thought of having Messi back, an enhanced squad, and the ambitious dream of Champions League glory have me hyped up for the next season. As fellow fans, let’s keep our hopes high, our support unwavering, and our spirits forever in Blaugrana.

Here’s to our future victories and an exciting new chapter in our beloved club’s history!


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