Mert Gunok making a stunning save during the Turkey vs Austria Euro 2024 match

Turkey vs Austria Euro 2024


The “Turkey vs Austria Euro 2024” match was a thrilling and chaotic game that kept fans on the edge of their seats. This round of 16 clash featured early goals, defensive blunders, intense fan reactions, and a save that might be the best of the tournament.

Early Goals and Defensive Errors

Turkey took an early lead within the first minute, capitalizing on Austria’s defensive mistakes. An inswinging corner from Arda Guler caused confusion in Austria’s defense. Kevin Danso missed the ball, and Christoph Baumgartner failed to clear it off the line. Goalkeeper Patrick Pentz then palmed the ball into the six-yard box, where Merih Demiral slammed it into the net. This series of errors resulted in the fastest goal in Euro knockout stage history.

Fan Atmosphere and Disruptions

The fan atmosphere was electric, with a significant presence of Turkish supporters in Germany. This support added to the intensity of the game. However, the match saw some negative fan behavior. In the second half, Austria fans threw plastic cups at Arda Guler during a corner kick. A coin thrown from the stands hit Austria’s Marcel Sabitzer, causing further disruptions. Despite these incidents, the overall atmosphere contributed to the high-energy nature of the match.

Tactical Analysis of Turkey’s Strategy

Turkey displayed impressive tactical flexibility against Austria. Knowing Austria’s high-pressing style, Turkey opted for long balls to bypass the press. They targeted Arda Guler between the lines and right-back Mert Mulder for aerial duels. This strategy disrupted Austria’s pressing game and allowed Turkey to mix up their passing. When Austria sat back, Turkey calmly worked the ball through the thirds with intricate passes. This versatility was key to Turkey’s success in the match.

Mert Gunok’s 95th-minute heroics against Austria

Mert Gunok’s Heroic Save

One of the most memorable moments was Mert Gunok’s save in the 95th minute. With Austria pressing for an equalizer, Gunok made a stunning save to deny Christoph Baumgartner’s header. This save was compared to legendary saves by Gordon Banks and Peter Schmeichel. Gunok’s reflexes, positioning, and decision-making were exceptional, securing Turkey’s 2-1 victory and their place in the quarter-finals. This save was a result of countless hours of training and instinctual awareness.

Impact of Suspensions

Turkey will face challenges in the quarter-final against the Netherlands due to suspensions. Midfielder Orkun Kokcu received his second yellow card of the tournament and will miss the next match. However, Turkey will benefit from the return of key players Hakan Calhanoglu and Samet Akaydin, who were suspended for the round of 16. Their return will strengthen Turkey’s lineup, although Kokcu’s absence could impact their midfield dynamics.


The “Turkey vs Austria Euro 2024” match showcased the unpredictability and excitement of football. Turkey’s early lead, defensive resilience, and tactical flexibility were crucial to their victory. Mert Gunok’s incredible save highlighted the importance of individual brilliance in critical moments. Despite fan disruptions and the challenge of player suspensions, Turkey’s progression to the quarter-finals is a significant achievement. They now look forward to their clash against the Netherlands, with renewed confidence and momentum.

This match was a thrilling spectacle that demonstrated the passion and intensity of Euro 2024, leaving fans eager for more exciting football in the tournament’s next stages.


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