What Germany exit did to the world cup that for Round of 16, the second branch group of teams to the final which are Spain, Russia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Colombia and England, you see there is no big name present in this group except Spain, ya we can count on Croatia, Colombia and England but still they don’t have player like or experience which Spain got. The other side of the branch, we have teams like Uruguay, Portugal, France, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium and Japan. Japan is the first nation in FIFA world cup finals games to qualify to round go 16 on a fair play basic since Japan and Senegal had equal points and other criteria. I am what to say, who would have thought this. Since I supper Spain, it’s a relatively easy path for them as compared to Argentina and France or Brazil.



For fan perspective its very exciting to watch all these super excitement games for one branch to the final and in another one, not so exciting and entertaining games. Yes, I agree but what this shows us that small teams are performing well and they got their goal plan straight and implementation of those plans are pinpoint.

Today France vs Argentina and then Uruguay vs. Portugal game. its a tough game for Argentina and if they want to qualify they have to beat arguably the best and strongest team of the competition, France. Messi needs to produce some magic today for French defence man-marking Messi will not help since he moves around the pitch a lot. Argentina’s defence they going to have a tough tough game. Argentina needs to play like they did in the first half of the Nigeria game, they need to pass and play the possession game with France. Argentina’s midfield also needs to handle the high pressing French midfield, they all are quick and strong. The weakling in this crazy good French team is the wing-full backs they not going to push much higher on pitch and they are not that fast too so chances for Argentina to play crosses with perfection because both the French central defenders are good in air and they are very comfortable with ball so any misplaced cross and you giving a good chance to hit on counter-attack, and the speed French wingers got is out of this world. For France, if they just play their natural game with good coordination that enough for them to tare apart Argentinean defence and midfield, if only. Till now we haven’t witnessed the actual french team, it is the time for France to announce themselves for Argentina, this can be the game of the lifetime if they able to pull out a win.

Uruguay vs. Portugal, Uruguay defence is the meanest defence of the competition and they are yet to concede a goal in the WC final games. I think man-marking Ronaldo will help since he will play as a striker or a left-hand striker for him Godin and Gimenez have to be on their best. the issue for Portugal and Uruguay is that both the team like to sit back and hit on the counter-attack. we saw on last game of Portugal against Iran, they are not comfortable and lack ideas to press high and play attacking the football. They are very much a counter-attack team and very comfortable with sitting back and parking the bus. Uruguay too like the counter-attack game with both the world class striker up front and good defence on back.

My prediction, France 3 – Argentina 1 and Uruguay 2 – Portugal 0

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