And the world cup winner curse continues, Germany is out of the world cup 2018. They were knocked out by FIFA ranking 57 team South Korea. They lost by 2-0 goals. When Sweden scored the first goal in the game against Mexico and which was going on simultaneously for the group F final game. It was clear that Germany has to win and a draw will not help Germany to qualify and then Sweden scored 2 more goals, at that point of time the win for Germany would have kicked out Mexico out of the World Cup due to goal difference, because Sweden, Germany and Mexico will have 6 points each. I saw many tweets and video clips where Mexican fans were cheering South Korean fans and inviting them to Mexico for a free stay. During the game itself, when Mexico was losing 3 goals to nil against Sweden during the end of the game Mexicans were cheering and chanting Korea Korea. You can imagine the relief they would have got when South Korea scored the second goal.



I saw in many post and articles that said, VAR kicked Germany out of the world cup. I can tell you that it was not VAR it was Germany self-ego boosted players and the managerial mistake did this. In all three games of the group stage, Germany had three different lineups and dropping Ozil in the second game was crazy and not starting Muller in the final game was a huge mistake. I know I criticised Muller in my last few blogs but no one can deny that he is a classy number nine player Mr Low shouldn’t have dropped him from starting eleven. Mat Hummels, what can I say about him, the class of player he is and the number of chances he missed in the box from all those cross was crazy. Back to back, he missed two chance to head the ball into the net but he missed both forget about the testing keeper. Talking about the keeper Korean keeper Jo the 26-year-old keeper, who was not even in the list of player for world cup 4-5 months back what a game he had. he had 8 saves in total including 2 punches from corner kicks. And his counterpart Mr Neuer, what he was doing near the penalty boxes which led to the second goal for South Korea was complete desperation. The first goal which South Korea scored was the classic example of why VAR is successful in this world cup. When Sule tried to play the ball, the player Young Kim became onside and what a calm goal, imagine the pressure he and hoo team will be under for 90 mins they were under constant attack from Germany from all the direction, what a goal he scored. He stopped the ball with an extra touch inside 8 yard box and then he scored the goal it looks very easy and effortless but it was not. The second goal was an act of desperation from Germany and Neuer. Ozil created seven chances in the game; the most from any player in a single game in world cup 2018 and still no goal scored by Germany. I think sending Leroy Sane was a mistake, he could have done a good damage like the game against Sweden when Germany was struggling to put the ball inside the box from crosses and the game again Mexico, when Germany had no speed in counterattack same issue in the game against South Korea they had no player wh, can take one on one and pass the tight defence of South Korea. Drexler was useless in the game against Sweden so Mr Low dropped him in this game and Julian Brandt, he is a good player but he is not Sane. Next, for Germany, I don’t think Mr Low will step down as a coach, I think he will continue. It’s not that Germany doesn’t have talent, they won Fifa confederation cup last year by taking their second team so we all know that they got talent. It all about the consistency and understanding between players and the manager, it’s not a PS4 game that you put all those class players and they will win the game this not going to happen in real life. Smeller teams are not here just to increase the count, can we relax and imagine that Germany will finish 4th position in their group, fourth and that to it’s not even close to being a group of death, finishing below South Korea not even South Korea players would have tough that and Sweden finishing on top and don’t forget that this Sweden team with their talesman The Zlatan. Sweden had a clear idea what and how they gonna play against Mexico, they didn’t try to put on crosses into the box, as we see the ball possession Sweden had only 34% of the ball and total shoots Mexico had 20 compare to 15 from Sweden, but Swedish team was playing form middle of the park and they had 13 shots from inside the box itself out of 15 in total. Swedish team played with their strength but i had no idea that they will score 3 goals. Now Sweden will face Switzerland and Mexico will face Brazil in round of 16. My next blog will be on round of 16 itself.

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