Today’s game for the group of death Argentina vs Nigeria and Iceland vs Croatia.

Out of 4 teams, 3 teams got chance to qualify for the second spot of group D. The game Argentina vs Nigeria, where all the eyes of the world will be an, especially on Messi. First of all, the game Argentina lost against Croatia by 0-3 goals was pathetic, the way Argentian player played they way team was set up and the way Messi handle the game was school football. It was the worst game of this world cup this far. Sampaoli had no idea what to do and he couldn’t put the best eleven for the game, I have no idea why Dybala is not starting and why Higuain and Aguero not staring the game together. If Argentina loses this game against Nigeria then I don’t think Sampaoli is going to continue as a coach. Argentinian midfield had no idea what they doing and what is the game plan or how to handle Croatia world class midfield. It was like school football, the whole team was running along with the ball like school kids do and where was the midfield for Argentina? On field formation for Argentina, it was 5-0-5, no midfield no creativity. Enzo Perez, what a waste of a player he is, why the hell Banega not playing in place of him. Each time ball went to the defence or the keeper they were just clearing the ball without putting in any effort to play the ball from deep, the body language was missing. This team played final last world cup and post that played two consecutive finals and lost all three. Rather than learning from the mistake and improvising on it they just trying to clear the ball away. No willingness to find Messi or to create space for him. Argentina must play the 4-2-3-1 formation tonight. The way Nigeria played against Iceland, the fast counterattack with precision passing across the field was class and quick. Musa displayed that you don’t have to world-class to score the goal, you need determination and correct delivery at the correct time to hit on the counter-attack. Argentina needs creativity in the middle of the park, and Messi will be useful in that with Dybala on top with Aguero. Dybala needs to play with Messi, he plays like Messi so it will be helpful for those two for one two one pass and to open up the defence which Nigeria for sure going to make. The other game Iceland vs Croatia, Iceland already defeated Croatia in the world cup qualifying games and topped the group, but this game will be tough for Iceland to win the momentum for Croatia and the form their Midfield is in, they going to win the game.




About Messi, as the pre-world cup poster of Messi with a goat representing the team GOAT with it. Is this justify that to become a GOAT a player needs to win the world cup, players like Johan Cruyff (Netherlands), Ferenc Puskas (Hungary), Eusebio(Portugal), Michel Platini(France), Oliver Kahn(Germany), George Best(England), Zico(Brazil), Paolo Maldini(Italy) never won any world cup and still they were the best of their time and has changed the way football was played at their time. My personal thought is to be called as Greatest Of All Time – G.O.A.T, Messi or Ronaldo need to win a WorldCup, or else it will be an insult to the WorldCup and their respective country team and to the players like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo (Brazil), Xavi, Iniesta, Lahm, Kaka, Zidane, Buffon and many more who performed at highest level of their club and won the world cup with their team. If not this then next world cup of 2022 when Messi will be 35 will be his last world cup for sure, same for C.Ronaldo for him this will be his last world cup.

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